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A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Defense of Innocence

A criminal defense lawyer defends their client’s innocence because it is the professional specialization that they’ve chosen. They understand all of the nuances of the misdemeanor, felony, and capital crime charges and potential sentencing.

A criminal defense lawyer does not defend the crimes of crooks. Like all attorneys they represent individuals and groups under the universal legal assumption that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. This is why prior to conviction a man or woman has the word allegedly attached to any crime they are being accused of, and after conviction the word convicted is attached to any crime they were found guilty of. They can be on trail for a misdemeanor, felony or capital crime, if they are an adult. The criminal defense lawyer can work in this area of law in an attempt to keep wrongly accused individuals out of prison but overall they are professionals while helping their clients emotionally prepare they remain emotionally detached because in their sincerest defense the case may still require an appeal or two. 

The types of cases that a criminal defense lawyer can receive range from misdemeanors and felonies to capital crime cases. Misdemeanors are minor crimes that typically receive fines of up to a few thousand dollars and local jail sentencing at a maximum of a year. Felonies have larger fines of up to tens of thousands depending upon the crime and up to forty years in state or federal prison. In the last scenario, clients are charged with a capital crime such as murder. Depending on the state law on punishment for these types of crimes a convicted defendant can be sentenced to life imprisonment or the death penalty. Although these are all severe crimes and penalties, it is still the criminal defense lawyer’s charge to prepare and present the best strategy he or she can to less the sentencing for their client. 

There are so many types of cases that a criminal defense lawyer is needed for. There are even two types of attorney that a client can seek. For clients who cannot afford their own legal counsel the court will appoint a public defender from one of the supporting offices that they usually draw from. This attorney can be very experienced in the field of criminal cases; they are familiar with the variety of charges, local police, several of the prosecutors’ styles and the judges as well. They are familiar with putting together a strategy that takes all of the above persons and their styles into account to help their client’s cases on an individualized basis. Private lawyers, for those who can afford private counsel, have the same developed skills and a team of assistants that can help build the defense for their client(s). So there are benefits on either side if anyone you know should ever require the expertise of a criminal defense lawyer. Regardless of their background they are only present to defend their client’s innocence.