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Understanding The Basics Of Heating And Cooling

Heating and cooling are the two basic concepts in physics. Whole physics revolve around these two factors and it is interesting to know that these two factors are complementary. When the temperature rises i.e. heat is more than we need some cooling effect and vice versa. But generally we do not take these two factors seriously; they are mostly taken for granted. We need heating systems in winters and cooling systems in summer, as it is not a natural process to get heat in winters and vice versa so we have to use various products that are available in the market.

For the use of any product we should be aware of the basics of working to avoid any failure in the future. Like every product has a different working principle same is with the Heating and Cooling products. As the cost of these products is a bit high, so if you know the basics than you can cut the service cost if there is not a major damage and can fix it yourself.

The basic function of Heating and Cooling system is as follows. All the climate control systems are generally made of three components: a source of air (warm/cold), a means that distribute the air into rooms and a controller that used to regulate the system known as thermostat is scientific language. If there is a problem in your system then any of these three components are not working properly.

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Like water flows from higher level to lower level, both Heating and Cooling work on the same principle that heat always flows from warm objects to cold one. Heaters put heat into the air to make the room warmer and coolers remove heat to cool the room. Cooling systems always use electricity and heaters can either use the electricity or burning of fuels and gases. The controller in summer extracts the heat from the air inside the room and in winter it extracts the heat from the outer air to heat the room.

You know that half of the energy of your home is used in heating and cooling products and they mostly affect your electricity bills. These products basically contains a filter that is used to purify the air and the regular use of these filters makes them dirty so proper cleaning of the filters at regular intervals are required especially when the use of the products are at the peak. You should also change these filters after a certain amount of time because filters also possess the expiry date.

You can also use a programmable thermostat that are useful to those who are mostly out of their house. In this thermostat or controller you can set a time period which can save your money and electrical energy. The ducts (both heating and cooling) that are used to the flow of air can be sealed. This is also an energy saver and money saver too because the air conditioner and heating pumps are mostly the energy wasters so by sealing the ducts will help in saving energy and efficiency will also get improved.

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